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“Faith Ink” is not a religious “tat.” It’s a shortened form of Faith Inkubators, which is the catechism material we will be using this year This year we will be:

  • studying the 10 Commandments and Confession and Forgiveness.
  • Monthly topics will be interactive using PowerPoint presentations
  • Materials will be provided
  • Meeting the 3rd Sunday of each month: September through May.
  • 5:00 – 7:00 p.m., and include a light supper. (Parents will be asked to take a month or two.)
  • first-class will be Sept. 15th.
  • 5th grade and up

It open to all youth, whether they attend Calvary or another church. A student group is being gathered, so consider coming along or invite a friend or let others know. Contact with all your questions about more details.

Pastor Rick



God and Grub, our Sunday Adult Ed, ministry, returns this fall. We will meet the 2nd and 3rd Sundays of each month, following Coffee Hour, following worship (11:30 -12:45) You’ll be home in time to watch the Lions in their perpetual struggle.


I hope to begin on September 15.


“Discussing the Refugee Crisis” is a DVD and text-based study about our Bible’s expectations concerning people who are escaping their home countries for another. It presents the current situation in the US and the world and helps us connect the two (the Bible and the current crisis) in a safe place for learning and discussion.


This class is intended for those who are high school age and beyond. We will start in September and work on this throughout the Fall.


Did you know that our denomination, the ELCA, has chosen to become a Sanctuary Church? We have.

Delegates who attended the 2019 Churchwide Assembly in Milwaukee in August made this decision.

Presiding Bishop Elizabeth Eaton has written a letter saying, among other things, that no individual or congregation is being asked to break the law.

We will work our bishop’s comments and our ELCA decision into our discussions.

Pastor Rick