Milestone Ministries

The Milestone Ministries program at Calvary is an intentional ministry that connects families to each other and to the congregation, as we recognize and learn about God’s presence through the different stages of a child’s life.  Each Milestone directly reflects our desire to fulfill the promises we, as a congregation and family, made to our children at their baptism.  The Milestone Ministries program supports parents in their role as primary educators in the faith development of their children.  Our combined purpose is to pass on the faith to all of God’s children!  Our vision is that every child will develop a relationship with Jesus Christ and will know God’s boundless love and grace.

Marking Milestone’s from birth to graduation by naming, blessing, equipping, and gifting families for each faith step is central to the spiritual growth of families.  Passing on the Christian faith to others involves the work of the Holy Spirit to give birth to a trust and confidence in the creative, redeeming, and renewing power of God for us and creation.  By marking milestones in a child’s life, we can better tend the baptismal journey through all the ages and states of a child’s life centered in Christ.

The following are a few of the Milestone’s in a child’s life that we celebrate:

*Blessing of Students (and Backpacks)
*High School and College Graduation

All children and their families are welcome to participate in the Milestone Ministry!  For more information, please send an email to or
contact the church at 517-321-4292.