Calvary’s Outreach Ministry

Working within our community, assisting our neighbors and sharing the good news as we move along continues to be a good description of Calvary’s outreach ministry. The Outreach team is blessed with eager hands, and a genuine willingness to help with each and every project. Everyone is welcome to attend the meetings which are the second Thursday of each month, and last about an hour.

Outreach Monthly Activites

Pantry Restocking for Siren: We collect pantry items to help restock the shelves of Siren Eaton Shelter. This is a great way to help restock after the Holiday Season.  January

Dipes, Wipes and depends: We collect diapers, wipes and depends.  February

Linens for Loaves and Fishes: We provide linens to Loaves and Fishes for those                  transitioning from shelters to homes.  March

Spring Rummage Sale: Each Spring a church-wide rummage sale is held. Money is
raised for the ELCA Disaster Fund and World Hunger. This is a great way to raise money
for a good cause.  April

Undie Sunday and Socks Rocks:  This project has become a regular at Calvary as a collection of new underwear and socks is gathered for Siren Eaton Shelter.  April

Blood Drive: Calvary partners with the American Red Cross and sponsors a Blood Drive. Bob’s famous chili is served. May

READ Program: This project provides the baby book GOODNIGHT MOON to Christian Services who distribute them with the cribs and layettes that are supplied to families of newborn babies. June

Back to School Clothing Drive: This is another project that has been positively received at Calvary.  In cooperation with Judson Memorial Church, Calvary provides new clothing for children going to school.  The items are taken to Judson to be distributed to families on a specially designated date in August, prior to school starting. July

Buckets of Love: This project has become a yearly event at Calvary. We partner with Vet’s Ace Hardware who supplies the buckets; Calvary members then fill the buckets with cleaning supplies.  These supplies are then used to help families who are setting up households for the first time after being homeless, or having come here as refugees. August

First Aide Care Kits: First Aid kits will be put together and given to Siren Eaton Shelter for distribution to those individuals going to transitional housing. September

Coat Drive and Outreach Potluck: The coat drive project will provide coats for Siren Eaton Shelter. The Outreach Potluck is designed to review the previous year’s activities and gather new ideas for the planning meeting to determine next year’s Outreach activities. Everyone in the congregation is invited to attend. October

Thanksgiving Baskets: In collaboration with Christian Services, Calvary provides Thanksgiving meals for 20-25 families, which includes purchasing the items for the meal as well as delivering the food items to the family.  Family names are provided by Christian Services to the congregational members who have volunteered to participate in this activity. November

Christmas Toy Shop: At Christmas, Calvary takes up a collection of toys for children in the community, which are distributed through the Christian Services Quality Living Store.  December