Prayer Blankets

Do you have a family member or friend facing a health concern or emotional crisis? The Prayer Blanket Ministry at Calvary provides lap size fleece blankets for those experiencing difficult emotional and physical times or for anyone who just needs to feel the enormous gift of love and warmth that emanates from these small blankets. Prayer blankets are a symbol of our Calvary Lutheran community covering with prayer the individuals who receive the blankets so that they know they are not alone and that there are those who care about them and are praying for their healing.

Prayers are offered over the blankets as they are being made and they are prayed over and blessed during Sunday morning services by the Pastor and parishioners.

The Prayer Blanket Ministry began at Calvary in 2008 by the wife of a member who received a blanket while recovering from surgery and treatment. He experienced peace and joy from the gift and the prayers of the faith community. He kept the prayer blanket on his hospital bed and continues to use it today.

Since the Prayer Blanket Ministry began at Calvary, hundreds of blankets have been given to Calvary members, friends of Calvary, Breslin Cancer Center patients, and military personnel. Blankets are often passed on to others by those who once received comfort from them. The blessing does not wash off, so keep the blessing moving! Our blankets have been given to individuals around the world.

There is no charge for a Prayer Blanket and included with each Prayer Blanket is a booklet containing prayers for healing.

For more information on this ministry or to request a blanket, please send an email to or contact the church at 517-321-4292.